Monday, July 29, 2013

Hola de Feriado

Toda está bien aqui en las flores! We had a great week with lessons with members, and we improved with invitations to baptism. We also made substantial progress with a few new investigators that we contacted, both randomly as well as part of our weekly planning. We hope to start giving more Libros de Mormon [Books of Mormon] as we ask members for references according to the specific steps outlined in PmE pg. 128 [Preach My Gospel pg 176] , and through diligent work, as we were instructed by our Zone Leaders this morning.

The trainings we have had this past month focusing on our planning sessions have helped us immensley, although we have struggled to endure to the end with the changes we had made. We will continue to strive to apply Preach My Gospel principles during our planning sessions, and expect to continue seeing the blessings of doing such. 

This week we had a coordination meeting with our 2nd counselor in the Bishopric, which was really good because we´ve gone the past 4 weeks without meeting with anyone from the ward. We hope to support the Bishop in his efforts through supporting the organization of home teaching and visiting teaching companionships. 

Yesterday we went out to teach with a Priest in our ward named Roberto. He is the bomb. He was kicked out of his house because of the church, and now lives with his aunt and uncle who are members of our ward. He just got a job downtown, so he can only help us out on Sundays, because he keeps the Sabbath day holy. He doesn´t have any friends here because he´s new, so us missionaries are his only friends. But anyway, when we started to go out on visits with him, he wouldn´t really talk, although he would listen. But yesterday was different.  I´m not sure if it´s because I just barely noticed, or if something changed all of the sudden, but he was testifying, and teaching, and using the spirit to help our investigators and everything. It was amazing. He is growing in leaps and bounds.

We taught an investigator yesterday that told us she was ready to prepare to be baptized about two months ago, but didn´t make her goal, and hasn´t been back to church since. I think we might have broken through a big wall with Roberto there to help. I´ll let you know when she is baptized. 

Wow, it´s crazy that you are COMING TO PERU in a WEEK! Could you bring a CD case? Just a cheap one that can hold 10-20 CDs or something. I´m burning my pictures to disk just to be safe. I just had my jump drive of music get erased because of a virus on one of the computers I used one Pday. Thank you!

I spent quite a bit of time responding to Sister Meyers´ email, so if you could include that as part of this week´s email-blog post, that would be awesome!

Elder Hicken

Hurrah for Israel!

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