Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Poem

So we got permission to write home today since we had our huge trip yesterday, but we only have a few minutes to do it. So I´m including a couple pictures, but mostly just spènding time writing today.

First of all, Mom, your poem! I can´t believe I forgot to read it to you during Skype! But here it is.

Every plant, fish, deer, and bird
Depends on loveing care from her.
Every wildflower or forest tree
Is nurtured well by only she.
Every weaning child and growing teen,
Screaming tantrum and bloody knee,
Bruised pride and sagging spirits,
Dirty socks and backyard merits,
Depend on the faith of the one who knows
To protect that of the one who grows.
We carry two debts we shan´t ever repay
To the two who gave lives to show us the way.
One paid in the garden and hung on a cross
And the onther paid daily sometimes sold at a loss
Both chose voluntarily, glory to God,
To care for god´s children, forsaking the laud
The first is our savior, the Lord Jesus Christ
The second a woman to whom we owe life
A woman who chooses to do what is right 
In every situation, in trial, in strife.
God gave her a title more sacred than any other
The woman who loves us most, we call Mother.

Well I´ve got letters printed out, so I can respond to them next week! Thanks! I also got a bunch of Dearelders.com of cousins and Jason. I also got the letter via mail from the Brasgas, but I don´t have their email to say I got it.

All is well in the work in Peru! We´ll get the full hour to write after we go to the Temple on Tuesday next week! Just as a general rule of thumb, if you don´t get a letter on Monday, it´s because for some reason we´re writing on Tuesday that week. Sorry I couldn´t write more! It was really short today to make up for skipping yesterday, but we were lucky to be able to write at all! Thank goodness we skyped yesterday! 

(P.S. it costs $5 to send a letter to the US, and I was told it´s like $5 an oz for a package. So....I´m going to be sticking to email if that´s alright!)

 Plaza de Armas with a waitress outside of a restaurant
 Us with Mauricio, the 12 year old kid in our investigator family
 I FOUND the fruit!  We have them at our churches!

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