Saturday, January 3, 2015

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Talon's return date got moved up to the original date of January 14th rather than the extension date of February 24th. That's just 1.5 weeks away!
He will be speaking in church at 9:00amon Sunday, January 18th. All are invited.
¡Todo está bien aquí en Perú!
These few weeks have been very eventful. We have been diving back into the normal hectic office life now that the party is over and everyone is back to work. It is nice to be back on track. I am very excited to fast this weekend.
The current circumstances confused me a little with regards to the purpose the Lord has for me in the next two weeks, however I am very grateful for the tender mercies that have led me to feel that He expects me to just keep doing what I have always been doing.
It is suddenly much harder to fall asleep at night, and when I do it is not as high quality sleep as two weeks ago. Sometimes missionaries ask me why I extended my mission, or if I feel ready to go home in a month and a half. It´s a surprise that I´m going home early, so I just keep quiet and tell them that I can´t believe it´s already over.
Despite the fact that our sector will be doubled in, which makes looking for new investigators not much more than tedious, I am finding many people to invite to come unto Christ.
Today we went to breakfast at Chili´s, as a "last time must" for Elder Casanova and I. While waiting for our food, I complained that I needed a haircut, and that I didn´t want to have to wait so long.
While walking home, Elder Martinez (secretary) saw someone inside a barbershop wave hello as we walked past. He called us back and we decided to go verify the cause of the friendly salutation (not common in these parts).
Once we walked in and explained that we were interested in the haircutting service, and not just there to share a lesson, the member who had waved called the owner, her sister, who just happens to be a member of our ward. She responded that for missionaries, haircuts are free! What a blessing, I thought, though the real blessing was that one of the workers was a less active member, and a little too proud of it.
Though I tried my best to follow the Spirit around her vulgar remarks, she was very content with staying just as far away from her Savior as she is. A rather saddening experience, completely different than the experience I had with Elder Castro´s new companion over the phone this morning.
Elder Castro called me about half past 10 to ask for advice with his struggling companion. This surprised me, not only because of the ex-assistant´s humble request for help, but because of who he was asking for! His new companion is a very strong, very positive, muy macho man. However, he too is human. Furthermore, he was much more willing than the less active hairstylist to do whatever it takes to come closer to the Lord.
After a personal conversation which edified both he and I, I thanked the Lord for providing ways to help others come unto Christ in significant ways.
So just a plan checkup. Let me know if I'm mistaken in my understanding.
With regards to getting home, Elder Schade, the Visas y Viajes secretary says I'll be landing at about 3pm on the 14th. You should be getting a full itinerary soon. Very soon. If you haven't gotten it by tomorrow night, just send a quick reminder to the mission email and he should get it right to you. We kinda hit him blindsided.
With regards to being home, Brother Kelly is expecting to hire me once I get back. Brother Pebbles has asked me to speak on my first Sunday back about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives. Renen is ready to pedal to the metal in the recording studio. Dad needs someone to motivate him to get a new truck. Mom needs the dishes done so she can hang out with cousins before Tauna and Chris close on their house and move in. Sierra wants to practice her singing in spanish, particularly cool Disney soundtracks. Lily needs someone to color with. Am I missing something? If I can save up enough before starting school, I would like to spend a week with Grandpa Steimle doing family history work. After visiting several friends with the missionaries.
With regards to studying, I'll be entering BYU in the spring and therefore don't need to do anything until I get back home. Grandma Gunn has people living with her, so I need to talk around and find some future roommates between now and then, or find out more about the foreign language housing.
To Do: Let the bishop know that I´ll be coming back home, and that I´ll be there for several months, definitely long enough to have a calling. I´ll write Bishop Archer next week, since I don´t know how much I´ll be writing family or friends that day.... Also, I believe I need to schedule an appointment with the stake president. Do you think you could do that?
Thanks for all your help! I love you!
Elder Hicken
Hurrah for Israel! to the end!

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