Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hola no mas!

This week has been tough, but it always it with a new companion. I am experiencing a new feeling--although Elder Vazquez and I have our discrepencies, I know he loves me, and wants the best for me. Maybe it´s just me he worries about, but he makes sure I´m happy. I honestly don´t know why he does it, but he is exremely patient with me and willing to adapt to my work habits. 

This week we are looking forward to doing some work visits with the assistents! As well as multi-zonas! Elder Thorsen (Elder Castro´s new companion, the other assistent) called me today and asked to sing with me! We´re going to practice twice and then go for it. Sister Heiner (a sister missionary from Wyoming in my ward) is going to play the piano. Can you believe that in the whole mission there are only a handful of missionaries that play the piano? 5 or 6! Out of more than 200!

We are doing our best to magnify our district leaders and help them raise the bar! They´re wonderful and they are rising to the occasion. I love them for their efforts, and I love that I love them! It´s incredible what can happen when the work of salvation becomes a work of love.

This week we went with the Isasi family to do their paperwork in the municipal office. The day before I spent the whole day praying that there would be a member there working that could help us. When we got there, we felt as lost as ever and didn´t know what to do-I in particular. After searching for someone who could help us or tell us where to start, a worker called us over, calling: Elders! A hot feeling of relief rushed into my heart and we explained exactly what we needed to do. After redoing everything we had done in the previous month, but new and improved without error, she explained exactly what we had to do next, wrote letters to the other offices we needed to go to so that they would treat us like kings, and got the judge to sign papers without the traditional ´it ought to take longer than to just scribble your name´ wait cue. What a miracle! I spent quite a bit of time giving thanks to God for such a miraculous blessing.

I don´t remember exactly how the newsies theme song goes, but I remember the first two lines. If it seems mission appropriate to you, could you send me the mp3?

Yo sé que las oraciones se contestan con la misma fe que se producen. Amo a la obra y a las personas que pertenecen a ella. Cada atributo que nos falta sera probada y amo a Dios por los desafíos que me manda. Especialmente por el tiempo que me brinda.

[I know that prayers are answered with the same faith that they are produced. I love the work and the people pertaining to it. Each of our weaknesses will be tried and I love God for the trials that He sends me. Especially for the time he offers me.]

Love, Elder Hicken

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