Monday, April 7, 2014

Hola de la Conferencia (General Conference!)

send me your favorite scriptures!

Happy Birthday Tauna and Grandma! Here is a picture of us with your cake. Except we ate it. Sorry. 

Todo está bien aquí en Precursores!

We´re excited for interviews this week! I told the asistants that we could use help converting hope into action; into faith.
On that note, I studied this morning to be able to present how I feel with respect to faithful goals. After looking for scriptures and doctrine on the matter, I realized that it is just to big a subject to treat adequately with an hour of study and 15 minutes of lecture. So far, I have found core doctrine in three main chapters, and three important verses:
This upcoming week I plan to study a bit more, and be able to present fully what I have learned in future letters and conversations.

This week I have learned the importance of setting goals so that in the future we can measure our progress. I remember the feelings I felt when Sister Borg explained to us that she can see our progress, even though we can´t see it. It´s like my family: they send me pictures, and everyone seems so much older, though they have no idea. Sometimes we need to look ourselves in the mirror spiritually, compare ourselves with a snapshot from the past and see just how much we have grown.

Con amor, Elder Hicken

Hurrah for Israel!

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